Irina Shayk / Love Republic / Pophouse
Irina Shayk for Love Republic
Irina Shayk for Love Republic
Pophouse Production
Irina Shayk for Love Republic
Ariadne Artiles
Ariadne Artiles
Ariadne Artiles
Ariadne Artiles
Courtesy by Michal Sadowski

Springfield by Macaronesia


  We offer a contemporary, secluded villa / location site, suitable for all form of audio-visual productions. 

  On site help with all practical house necessities during shootings.

  Possibility for stayover for crew members, if needed, can be arranged on location or at nearby locations / hotels / villas / appartments, on a walking distance.

In co-operation with our local photo production partners *, we fascilitate all additional services needed for the working crews (catering, transportation, production issues, rental of any equipment / staff - such as  photoassistants, photo-graphers, makeup artists, hair stylists etc) included finding additional location sites for outdoor shootings (beaches, rural areas, authentic  villages, urban sites, etc) on all canary islands.
  We also have access/dispose other locations suitable for productions.

Production partners:
Islas Producciones SL Pophouse
Seven Island Film
A Production 360 Group
Macaronesia Film
Shoot Canarias
Sur Film

Links to view among selected productions:

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